Monday, August 20, 2012

It's Miscellaneous Monday!

Each Monday I post a combination of five random thoughts, views about current events or little known facts about myself. If there is something in particular you'd like me to answer in a future post send your question to Here goes this week's entry...

My parents made every effort to raise well-rounded kids, encouraging us to try new things and not just follow in our older siblings footsteps. For me, one of those "new things" was an ill-fated attempt at learning to play the cornet.

Growing up in Northern Michigan, hunting was a borderline religion. Our entire family would take the week off of work and school and head to my Grandparents house for the opening of rifle season. When we were kids it was more about eating, playing cards and goofing around with each other than it was trying to bag a trophy Buck. Those are some of the best memories of my life. My brothers and I still get together to hunt each year, although we take it far more serious now than we used to.

My favorite class in college was physics. I only took the one course, but I found the material fascinating. I still remember the model of space I built with the Sun weighing the center down so a marble orbited around it. If I wouldn't have been so into computer programming back then I might have switched majors.

My least favorite class? Spanish. It was smooth sailing while we were learning to count... boy did things head south in a hurry after that! My professor called on me relentlessly, presumably to try to help me learn, and the whole class would burst into laughter at my incoherent responses. It got so bad that I didn't even want to go to class anymore. Somehow I passed. I've never been so proud of a D in my life :)

My favorite childhood Author was Jim Kjelgaard. His series of books featuring dogs are what sparked my interest in reading. Someday I'd love to write a novel of my own with a dog as a central character, maybe even told from a dog or wolf's point of view.


  1. These are all great memories, I love to read these excerpts from you and take me back to the best childhood kids could have ever had. We truely had the best parents ever... Love you Chad, Kev

    1. Thanks Kev! And I Couldn't agree more... We were extremely lucky to grow up in such a tightnit, loving family.

      Love ya