Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bonus scene delivered!!

By popular demand, here is a Bonus scene from Christy Mathis's work-in-process novel.

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Enjoy :)

As I stood in front of the class to begin my side of the debate, I realized that I couldn’t feel my hands; my stomach began to churn and beads of sweat began to develop across my forehead.  The warmth of the saliva in my mouth was not a good sign; it meant that I would be throwing up at any moment and I had only spoken one word so far.  Not good. 
The room slowly began to twist into shapeless, colorless blobs of what was once a clear view of my classmates.  Darkness began to fill the edge of my vision and I vaguely noticed a sudden movement at the back of the room but I didn’t have time to process what was happening.  My knees buckled and I grasped at the podium for support, unable to hold onto it, I fell to the floor in crumpled mass with my hands at my head trying to force my eyes to see normally again.
Please stop!  Please just make it stop!
The screeching sound of the fire alarm was one of sweet relief.  The class cheered and shrieked as I vaguely heard Mr. Abernathy telling them to walk out in an orderly fashion.  Finally I stopped fighting against it and let the darkness overtake me and I passed out.
When I woke, I could feel warmth spreading across my face and a gentle breeze blowing around select strands of my hair so that they tickled my skin.  I tried to lift my hand to brush the hair away and found that I couldn’t.  I knew that my brain was telling my body to move but nothing was happening.  I started to panic; I should be able to move my arms!  I wanted to flail, scream and run but I couldn’t move.  Suddenly, I heard the faintest hint of a humming melody that sounded very distant, I couldn’t pinpoint the origin, but it was slow and soothing.  I knew I had to calm down and clear my head to figure out what had happened.  I focused my breathing to match the pace of the calming tune until I could form a rational thought.
Where am I?  What happened?  What is the last thing I can remember?  I recalled the alarm; but nothing after that.  I listened for any sound to give me a clue to my location.  I could hear birds in the distance and what sounded like wind blowing tree leaves.  I knew that I was outside, but not how or where.  I tried opening my eyes and the brightness of the sunshine forced them to close again.  It was promising that I could at least control some part of my body.  At my second attempt, I was able to adjust to the light and slowly my vision began to focus.  The more clearly I could see the less I could hear the melody.
I looked straight ahead at a never-ending sky of blue and questioned why I was lying on the ground and how I had gotten here.  As if in answer, a face moved to obstruct my view.  It took a moment for my mind to acknowledge what it was seeing; because it made no sense.  He was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

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