Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Special Feature! - Author sneak peek with Christy Mathis

Christy Mathis, a close friend and aspiring writer, kindly agreed to share the prologue from her yet to be titled, work-in-process novel for us all to enjoy.

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Thank you so much, Christy!!

I think I had always known that this would be the way it would all end. I tried to deny it, tried to think of another way because I cared so much for him, but only one of us would survive this and I knew that it couldn’t be me. I wasn’t marked as destined. He was, and I knew that his destiny was the one that mattered. 
I stood with both feet firmly planted to display the bravery that I most certainly did not feel. Knowing you’re going to die doesn’t make it any easier to welcome death with open arms. 
He stood across the cavern, eyes glowing with anger, wanting me to die. I could see it in his expression. I couldn’t blame him—I’d left him with no choice. He moved toward me with the grace of a predator stalking his kill, watching me carefully. He expected me to run or cry, but I couldn’t show my fear or my feelings. Once he had his full power he could defeat any evil—including the Kalieria—and in three days the ascension would begin. He needed his power to stop it.
He would never believe that this is what had to happen, that I had accepted my fate. I had been preparing for this day from the moment we’d met. I’d pushed him to this point, forced him to fight, and forced him to want to destroy me.  Because I knew what he didn’t and couldn’t...I knew that I had to die, so that he could live.

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