Monday, July 23, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

Each Monday I'll share a combination of five things about myself, responses to questions I receive and general thoughts about current events in the world. If you'd like to participate, leave a comment or send me your questions at

One of the reasons Dangerous Waters is set in Boston is that I've been a diehard Patriots fan since I was six years old. I wasn't able to attend a game in person until 2010, but we did visit the old Sullivan stadium on a family trip when I was nine, arriving just after midnight. In a truly "Wally World"esque moment, my parents talked a guard into letting us into the stadium :)

One of the traits I share in common with Emily (the protagonist) is a profound love of nature and wildlife. My wife and I have visited Yellowstone National Park three times and plan to renew our vows there someday. Hiking and animal photography are among my favorite hobbies.

I wrote my first Novella, The Bat Boy, when I was in Ninth grade. It was one of five selected to be read to local grade school children, which was a wonderful and yet scary experience for an introverted fifteen year old. My brother Craig was quite the artist even then, and  drew all the illustrations by hand. The first recognition I received for my writing was a short story I wrote in fifth or sixth grade called The Hill.

Another thing I share in common with Emily is that I competed for a high school state championship, with our team winning the Class AA trophy my senior year. I'm pictured on the right hugging one of my best friends in high school, Andy Squires, shortly after the game ended. I went on to play one year at Saginaw Valley State University before hanging up the cleats to focus on my education.

Teresa and I have been blessed with several amazing dogs in the 19 years we have been together. Sophie (on the left) is just over twelve years old and is a big time daddy's girl. Whenever I move from one room to the next she is never far behind. We spoil her rotten of course, which she enjoys immensely. Our carpet is always littered with toys in various states of destruction.


  1. Cute comments! Interesting about the choice of the location of the book, but it all makes perfect sense now!

  2. No mention of snowbowls yet, or the Twin Towers! Maybe next Monday! Good stuff!

  3. Thanks Bri. I'm sure the Twin Towers will make an appearance soon :)